Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Alburnus Maior demands regarding Rosia Montana presented to the Romanian Government

Tens of thousands of people demand the rejection of the law and the dismissal of the its initiators

September 2nd, 2013 - Sunday tens of thousands of people across the country and from abroad took the streets to protest against the Romanian Government's decision to promote to the Parliament the law proposal that envisages the destruction of Rosia Montana. By this massive mobilization of the Save Rosia Montana campaign supporters, a definite NO was stated on this law and on the Government 's attitude, demanding its resignation also.

Alburnus Maior already submitted a document to the Government General Secretariat this morning with the following statement of position and demands:

1 ) immediate rejection of the bill by the Parliament ;
2 ) immediate dismissal of the four initiators of this bill : minister for large projects ( Dan Sova ) , the minister for environment ( Rovana Plumb ) , the minister for Culture ( Daniel Barbu ) and director of the National Agency for Natural Resources ( George Duţu )
3) a parliamentary commission of inquiry to investigate the direct responsible actors of this law proposal that seriously affect the fundamental human rights, the principle of separation of powers and violates several provisions of the constitution.
4) immediate ban of the use cyanide in mining and the listing of the Rosia Montana historic site on the Romanian Tentative List for UNESCO.

We also state that, given the pressure made by the citizens and their unequivocal position, Alburnus Maior will take all necessary steps to mobilize Romanian citizens all over the country and abroad to ensure that these requirements are met. In closure of yesterday's protests, in many cities following protest were already announced within a week. We consider that the Government and Parliament have enough time to give a firm answer to the requirements above.

Alburnus Maior wishes to bring to the attention of the Government that supporting the mining company by encouraging and pushing forward this law, the Government risks the economic stability of the country. The Government actions prove its inability to provide a safe environment in which the rights of the citizens have priority over corporate interests .

„We all know now what the citizens really want for Rosia Montana! What we want to see now is how the 588 members of the Parliament – that all have a name, address and phone number – will vote. Will they vote according to what people ask or against them? We want this now, not in a year, two or ten. Let them show how they take on a responsible, open vote.

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