Friday, June 1, 2012

Bloomberg: Romanian energy chief fired for 'arrogance'


The prime minister has fired the head of the national energy regulator for `'arrogant" comments, saying they showed he was out of touch with ordinary people.

Victor Ponta said Thursday he fired Petre Lificiu after the official dismissed a five percent increase in electricity prices as insignificant.

Lificiu, the deputy president of the ANRE energy regulatory body, had said earlier this week: "Five percent means nothing. It means we don't leave the bathroom light on when we go to work."

Ponta says the remarks would incur public anger against the government. He says `'It's a hard time and the way (we) relate to people is important."

Romania is in a recession. In 2010, the government slashed public wages by one-fourth, a year after it took a (EURO)20 billion ($25 billion) loan from the International Monetary Fund, the European Union and World Bank

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