Thursday, October 20, 2011

Romanian president wins lawsuit over film that allegedly shows him hitting a child

By Associated Press, Published: October 19

BUCHAREST, Romania — A court has ruled in favor of Romanian President Traian Basescu in a lawsuit that accuses a wealthy businessman of distributing a film that apparently shows Basescu hitting a boy.

The film was broadcast a week before the 2009 presidential runoff, which Basescu won. Basescu has not denied hitting the boy but says the film was digitally altered.

The president accused Dinu Patriciu of damaging his image by circulating the film, which supposedly is of an incident from the 2004 election campaign. Basescu has demanded damages of one leu (23 eurocents). But Patriciu denies he circulated the footage and has sued Basescu for libel.

The Bucharest court’s decision Wednesday can be appealed.

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