Friday, September 2, 2011

Romania leader's gold comments called 'imprecise'

September 1, 2011
BUCHAREST, Romania—A spokesman for Romania's president says the politician's recent suggestion that the country had sold 200 tons of gold to pay for salaries and pensions was "imprecise."

Valeriu Turcan says President Traian Basescu regrets the comments he made Monday. National Bank of Romania adviser Adrian Vasilescu later denied that Romania had sold any gold reserves in the past two decades.

Basescu made the remarks while visiting a gold mining town to show support for a controversial open-cast mining project by Canada's Rosia Montana Gold Corp. The project's supporters say it will bring much-needed jobs. Opponents worry about the environmental effects.

Basescu's spokesman said Thursday the president's comment was made in "a special context and there was a confusion."

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