Friday, June 3, 2011

Romanian PM welcomes more Chinese investments

BUCHAREST, June 2 (Xinhua) -- Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc said Thursday he would like to see more Chinese entrepreneurs investing in his country.

Boc made the call during talks with He Ping, visiting editor-in-chief of China's Xinhua News Agency.

The time has come for the two nations to further promote bilateral trade, said Boc, who called on more Chinese entrepreneurs to invest in Romania's infrastructure, energy, agriculture and environmental protection sectors.

"We have, for the first time, a public-private partnership law, which allows foreign investments in Romania and provides a number of competitive advantages," he said, citing the country's flat tax rate and the policy of not taxing profits as reinvestment.

The prime minister also said that Xinhua is a famous news organization in the world and that the media sectors of the two countries have a sound cooperative relationship.

He said he hopes the two sides to step up contacts and communication and expand scope of cooperation, so as to jointly promote further development of traditional friendly relations between the two nations.

He Ping, for his part, said that the comprehensive, friendly and cooperative partnership between the two nations is time-tested, and he lauded the clear and positive signal sent by the Romanian government to Chinese investors.

Xinhua stands ready to work with Romanian news media to introduce the latest socioeconomic progress of the two countries to each other as well as other countries in the world, in a bid to enhance understanding and cooperation, He said.

Romania is a major destination of Chinese investments in Central and Eastern Europe, as bilateral trade stood at 3.76 billion U.S. dollars in 2010.

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