Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prince Charles calls for protection of Transylvania heritage


BUCHAREST — Prince Charles called for the protection of Transylvania's cultural and natural heritage during an interview broadcast late Wednesday by Romanian national TV channel TVR.

"There is still much more to do in Transylvania and throughout Romania with its rich multi-ethnic heritage to ensure that these unique cultural and natural treasures are not lost", he said during a personal visit to the country.

"If these places do disappear, it would not only be a tragedy for the people of Transylvania, but a loss for the whole of humanity and a terrible indictment of a world that has truly lost its soul", he added.

An ardent protector of the region's Saxon villages for many years, he also praised the "intimate" link between their residents and the landscape "in the way they farm the land and build houses, tell their stories and conduct their seasonal activities".

Charles, who has visited Romania several times, is also involved in several organic agriculture projects in Transylvania, where he owns several properties.

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