Friday, March 25, 2011

Romanian union leader detained for bribery

(AP:BUCHAREST, Romania) Romanian anti-corruption prosecutors say a union leader has been detained for receiving a 40,000 euro ($56,000) bribe.

Prosecutors say Marius Petcu received the bribe on Thursday from a building company, to facilitate contracts. They say the company has paid him 20,000 euros ($28,000) per month since 2009.

Prosecutors say Petcu also received a villa in a mountain resort to compensate for months when he did not get the agreed sums. Petcu denies the allegations.

A court is expected to rule Friday whether Petcu will be arrested for 29 days, pending trial.

Other union leaders are under investigation by an anti-corruption body that checks income and wealth of public figures. Critics say the investigations are politically motivated, because unions have staged anti-government protests.

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