Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Romania Government Faces No-Confidence Vote on Labor Changes

Romania’s main opposition parties will file a no-confidence motion against the government today after Prime Minister Emil Boc proposed that lawmakers approve labor legislation through a fast-track process.

A vote on whether to proceed with the no-confidence motion, put forward by the Liberals and the Social Democrats, will likely be taken on March 16, according to Mircea Toader, the head of the ruling party’s parliamentary group.

The coalition led by Boc, who survived four no-confidence votes in 2010 over his administration’s austerity measures, has 247 votes in the 470-seat Parliament. The opposition needs 236 votes to oust the government. The lawmakers of the ruling coalition have already said they will not vote.

“The changes to the labor legislation meet the country’s needs to create jobs more easily,” Boc said today in Parliament. “This is neither the first nor the last no- confidence motion and I am confident the government will survive.”

The government wants fast-track approval of changes to the labor law to make the legislation more flexible. The law would introduce contracts for temporary workers and increase sanctions for black market labor while insuring higher social protection for employees as agreed with theInternational Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Under the fast-track process, the opposition must file a no-confidence motion within three days or the proposed legislation automatically is approved.

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