Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Romanian river polluted with heavy metals

BUCHAREST, Romania, April 20 (UPI) -- Waste from an abandoned gold mine in western Romania is leeching heavy metals into the Aries River, officials in Bucharest said.

The mine in Rosia Montana was closed 40 years ago but environmental officials are concerned concentrations of manganese, copper, zinc and iron are getting into the river, the Agerpress and Mediafax news agencies reported.

The river feeds into the Tisza River in eastern Hungary, the MTI news agency said.

The Romanian government had a contract with an environmental clean-up company to decontaminate a large reservoir using cyanide and acids, but the company walked away from the contract, the report said.

Last year, President Traian Basescu visited the site and described it as an "ecological bomb" waiting to go off, the agencies said.

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