Saturday, April 17, 2010

Romania Govt Wants to Depoliticise Public TV

The parties from the ruling coalition in Romania have started talks for taking all "necessary steps" in order to reduce the political influence over the state TV and radio broadcaster, according to the country's prime minister, Emil Boc.
"We want to depoliticize the public radio and television companies. Ensuring media freedom is one of the priorities of our government", said Emil Boc, who is also the leader of the ruling Democratic Liberal Party, PDL.

Boc said that PDL would not appoint representatives to the management councils of the public radio and television companies and "will try to find a mechanism to remove the political element from these companies and prevent political interference in the future."

On March 30, the Romanian parliament rejected the activity report of the country's public television, TVR. According to the law, this measure means the dismissal of the company's general manager, who was appointed by the main opposition party.

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