Friday, March 5, 2010

Romanian president asks for more U.S. military vehicles for troops in Afghanistan

Romanian President Traian Basescu Thursday asked the American side to supplement military vehicles for Romanian troops in Afghanistan, during his surprise visit in Kandahar.

According to an official press release of the Presidential Administration, Basescu made the request in his talking with General Stanley McCristal, commander of the NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Basescu asked the U.S. to supplement the number of military vehicles issued to the Romanian troops, given an increase in 2010 in the number of Romanian troops deployed to the theatre of operations in Afghanistan

The president had made a surprise visit Thursday morning to the Romanian troops in Kandahar, coming from Astana, Kazakhstan, where he paid a two-day state visit.

On his visit to Kandahar, Basescu decorated with the "Military Virtue" Order in rank of Knight the war flag of the 33rd Posada Mountaineering Battalion deployed there.

Currently, there are 1,020 Romanian troops in Afghanistan and the Bucharest authorities decided late January to send 600 more soldiers there.

Romania began to send troops to Afghanistan in July 2002. The action was the country's first military mission abroad after the Second World War.

Source: Xinhua

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