Monday, February 8, 2010

Romania Jan unemployment rises to 8.1 percent

BUCHAREST, Feb 8 (Reuters) - Romania's unemployment rate rose to 8.1 percent in January from December's 7.8 percent, the employment agency said on Monday.

Dwindling demand from the euro zone states, the new European Union member's main trading partners, has hurt central and eastern European economies, forcing many companies in the state-controlled and private sectors to cut output.

Bucharest needs to make deep spending cuts to curb Romania's large imbalances, since the country secured 20 billion euros in aid from international lenders in 2009 to lift its economy out of recession.

Among these, it plans to cut up to 100,000 public sector jobs in 2010.
JAN 10 DEC 09 JAN 09

Number of unemployed 740,982 709,383 444,907
Jobless rate 8.1 7.8 4.9

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