Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Romanian Finance Minister Appoints Rock Star Bittman as Adviser

By Adam Brown and Irina Savu

Jan. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Romanian Finance Minister Sebastian Vladescu, facing a tight 2010 budget and unpopular tax increases, appointed local rock star Dan Bittman, as adviser in charge of the ministry’s image.

“He’s not going to sing the tax song,” Vladescu told reporters in Parliament today. “Bittman will be the ministry’s public relations adviser. He’ll help translate the technical language for the people.”

Bittman, the 47-year-old singer of the band Holograf, will join Andrei Gheorghe, host of the television show The Weakest Link Romania. Gheorghe, a tough-talking celebrity known for arguing with his guests, was appointed two weeks ago as Vladescu’s communications adviser. He is also 47.

Romania is freezing state wages, raising some taxes and cutting other expenses as it seeks to narrow its 2010 budget deficit to 5.9 percent of gross domestic product, from an estimated gap of 7.3 percent of GDP last year.

“I hope that these two, together with the technical staff of the Finance Ministry, find a way of transmitting information to the population in an accessible way,” Vladescu said.

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Unknown said...

Having a rock star as a national monetary adviser is strange, isn't it? I'm surprised by this post.