Friday, December 4, 2009

Romania Gets U.S. Radiation Detection Gear

Thursday, Dec. 3, 2009

The United States has provided Romania with radiation-monitoring devices to help the European nation counter illicit nuclear trafficking, the U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration said in a release yesterday (see GSN, June 30).

Romania's border police received hand-held radiation scanners as well as two vans with neutron and gamma-ray detection devices capable of spotting highly enriched uranium and plutonium. The equipment is expected to be deployed at Romanian border crossings and locales throughout the nation.

The gear was provided through the NNSA Second Line of Defense Program, which also trained Romanian Border Police officials in how to use the devices.

"In the hands of our well-trained and experienced Romanian Border Police partners, this equipment will assist in preventing and deterring the illicit trafficking of nuclear material and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction," NNSA Principal Deputy Administrator Ken Baker said in a statement. "We plan to continue our cooperation with the Romanian Border Police to include installation of stationary equipment at key ports of entry."

The Second Line of Defense Program provides foreign nations with radiation monitoring devices and equipment training as part of U.S. efforts to stop nuclear material proliferation. The program has supplied monitoring devices to more than 200 sites worldwide (U.S. National Nuclear Security Administration release, Dec. 2).

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