Thursday, December 17, 2009

BBC News: Emil Boc nominated as Romania PM

Romanian President Traian Basescu has nominated acting Prime Minister Emil Boc to head a new government.

Liberal Democrat Mr Boc was ousted as prime minister in October when he lost his government's parliamentary majority after coalition allies pulled out.

Romania had since been run by a caretaker government and Mr Basescu said the new government should be approved within a week.

Mr Basescu's re-election was confirmed this week despite opposition protests.

Romania's constitutional court turned down rival Mircea Geoana's appeal for a new poll.

It rejected Mr Geoana's claims of fraud after Mr Basescu won a December presidential run-off vote by a narrow margin of 70,000 votes.

Romania has been hit hard by the global economic recession and is dependent on an IMF loan to pay state salaries.

Before he lost a vote of no-confidence in October, Mr Boc had been struggling to pass economic and social reforms which were a condition of the IMF loan.

The government collapsed when the Social Democrat Party (PSD) withdrew from the coalition to protest against the sacking of the interior minister.

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