Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dispute emerges over Romania's next PM

BUCHAREST, Romania (AP) — Romania's caretaker government remains deeply divided about who should lead the country.

Last week, Prime Minister Emil Boc's government fell in a no-confidence vote, and he now serves as a caretaker leader over a government supported by President Traian Basescu but not Parliament.

A loose coalition of three political parties wants Klaus Johannis, the mayor of the central city of Sibiu, to be Romania's next prime minister. But Basescu has nominated Lucian Croitoru, an adviser to the central bank governor.

On Wednesday, lawmakers from three political parties voted 252-2 to support their Johannis nomination. But Parliament is scheduled to vote on the Croitoru nomination next week. If he loses, it is up to Basescu to decide whether to allow a vote on Johannis.

Whatever happens, Romania will elect a new president on Nov. 22, and that official could dissolve Parliament if it fails in two votes to elect a new prime minister.

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