Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Doctors at center of Romanian egg-donor case lose appeal for release

BUCHAREST - The court of appeals in Bucharest denied bail for the 30-day arrest or Dr. Harry Mironescu, his son, Yair Miron, and their assistant, Cecilia Borza over alleged misconduct at a fertility clinic the doctors owned. The three have been charged with association in an organized crime group, and were brought into court handcuffed.

The Israeli doctors and the young Romamian woman were not allowed to talk to anyone other than their lawyers, for a brief moment, before the proceedings started in their case.

The three were arrested - along with 24 others, some Israeli - in connection with the Sabyc fertility clinic, where they allegedly illegally paid egg donors.

The three's lawyers pleaded for more than 45 minutes in the case, bringing various arguments to support a decision to release their clients. One lawyer quoted various European laws and decisions of the European Court for Human Rights as precedent, while another, a long-time friend of Mironescu, told a long story about how the doctor started studying in-vitro fertilization after he was on the brink of divorce, because they couldn't have children.

His son, Miron, was adopted - the lawyer disclosed.

The chairman of the Court of three judges was visibly patient with the famous lawyers in the case.

Cameras were barred from the proceedings, but the courtroom was filled with journalists.

At one point the prosecutor nearly broke procedure by alluding to new charges against the defendants, which is normally not allowed in an appeal restricted to procedural issues.

Though the prosecutor claimed that poor women were solicited to donate ovules for money, Mironescu's lawyers argued that it was not relevant, as the donor's list also included "show-biz starlets", and more educated and richer women.

The lawyer wouldn't disclose any of these alleged public figures in the ad-hoc press conference held by the lawyers immediately after the hearing.

All three defendants refused to make any statement in front of the judges at the beginning of the hearing, but asked to be released at the end of the proceedings.

One lawyer, Titus Spanu, said he will try "other methods" to set his clients free, though admitted that the Court's decision cannot be questioned now.

Mironescu, who according to them has suffered a heart failure and was defibrillated with electric shocks at an unspecified moment in the past, is trying to get released for medical reasons.

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