Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bulgaria, Romania to Construct Only Yacht Port on Danube River

Sofia News Agency

The first yacht port on the Danube River will be constructed as a result of a trans-border cooperation project between Bulgarian and Romanian local authorities.

The yacht port complex will be erected next to the Bulgarian village of Baykal, the Standart Daily reported. The initiative is a joint project of Bulgaria's Dolna Mitropoliya Municipality, and the Romanian town of Corabia.

The yacht complex is going to include a hotel, and the local authorities hope that it would be able to attract tourists from all Danube countries.The respective Bulgarian and Romanian local authorities hope to turn the whole central Danube region into a more tourist friendly area by turning the ancient Roman town of Oescus (north of Bulgaria's Pleven) into a tourist attraction.

The two Danube islands with a total area of 400 hectares opposite the village of Baykal are deemed suitable for developing hunting and fishing tourism.

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