Monday, May 11, 2009

Romania, US sign extradition, legal assistance accords


WASHINGTON, United States -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and visiting Romanian Foreign Minister Cristian Diaconescu signed a bilateral agreement on legal assistance and a new extradition treaty Friday (May 8th). According to media reports, the accords aim at boosting bilateral co-operation in fighting organised crime, extending even to information regarding bank accounts. The new extradition treaty will replace the existing Extradition Convention signed between the two countries in 1924.

On Thursday, German lawmakers adopted a resolution calling on the EU to block funds for Romania due to its poor performance fighting corruption. Parliament's Human Rights Committee raised the issue, expressing concern over "persistent problems in the judiciary". "The Bundestag ... invites the EU to impose penalties in the form of cutting funds to Romania, as was done already with Bulgaria," the document said. Germany is currently the biggest contributor to the EU budget. (Evenimentul Zilei - 10/05/09; Mediafax, Agerpres, AP - 09/05/09; US State Department web site, Deutsche Welle, DPA, Mediafax, Hotnews - 08/05/09)

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