Thursday, May 28, 2009

Romania President Touts Moldova's EU Hopes After Diplomatic Row

ATHENS (AFP)--Romanian President Traian Basescu Wednesday said Moldova should be included among European Union candidate accession candidates, a week after ties between the neighbors were strained by a diplomatic spat.

"Romania would like to see the Republic of Moldova included among the E.U.'s accession candidates given the efforts they are making," Basescu said at the start of a three-day official visit to Greece.

Relations between Bucharest and Chisinau deteriorated after Moldova's Communist government accused Romania of inciting riots that rocked the country last month following elections contested by the opposition.

Last week, Moldova accused Romania of wanting to annex the country, most of which was part of Romania until it was taken over by the Soviet Union in the Second World War. Moldova won independence from Moscow in 1991.

It also called on the E.U. to intervene as a mediator and rein in Bucharest's "aggressive policy."

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