Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Romania Lacks Kindergarten Space

Romania's capital Bucharest lacks at least 7,000 places in its public kindergartens as well as qualified personnel, say officials within the country's education ministry. 

"Despite some improvements in recent years, Romania's pre-school system is still affected by insufficient places in kindergartens. In Bucharest alone we need around 1,000 teachers," says inspector Mihaela
Florescu from the education ministry. 

Official data shows that there are around 900,000 pupils in Romania who should go to kindergarten, while the number of places available do not exceed 650,000. Many parents still do not enroll their kids in the kindergarten system.

In recent years, Romania school system has been struggling to cope with a steadily rising enrollment in the face of shrinking financing for the building of new classroom space.

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