Monday, March 30, 2009

Romanian FM calls on Moldova to halt abuses against Romanians

30 March 2009 | 14:35 | FOCUS News AgencyBucharest. 

Over 200 Romanians were banned from entering the Republic of Moldova in the last few days, the Romanian Nine o'clockreports.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is calling on Chisinau authorities to halt abuses against Romanian citizens, FM Cristian Diaconescu told a press conference yesterday.
Minister Diaconescu said the Foreign Ministry had received a series of complaints from official delegations that represent county structures and from citizens, NGOs and artists who were denied access to the Republic of Moldova, for various reasons. 

The Minister said he had asked Chisinau authorities to explain the action, but that he received no answer or explanation. 

"Restrictions on the free circulation of citizens in the European area prove the lack of a real engagement in R. of Moldova's European process, which is strongly backed by Romania in Brussels and in Bucharest," FM Diaconescu also said. 

He underlined that what happened in the last few days shows that Moldova is ignoring EU requirements as regards democracy and the rule of law. The FM argued that Bucharest continues to support R. of Moldova's efforts to join the EU and will continue to plead in favour of an association agreement which would enforce a free trade area and the lifting of visas for Moldovan citizens. 

Diaconescu also said that the incidents at the border will be taken into consideration when the upcoming Moldovan elections will be analyzed.

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