Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Scandal Rocks Romania Interior Ministry

Romanian Interior Minister Dan Nica has appointed Gelu Drajneanu as interim head of the intelligence service within the minister following the detention of former chief, Cornel Serban, for allegedly complicity in crimes. Serban, together with one of his deputies and two local businessmen, is now being investigated for "aiding a criminal, using and allowing access of unauthorised persons to private information", according to a press release from the National Anti-coruption Department, DNA.

Local press reports that Cornel Serban has allegedly helped the businessmen to purchase a huge plot of land near Bucharest capital, in a deal valued at "hundreds of millions of euros."

Minister Dan Nica is reportedly to soon start a radical reorganisation of the Interior Ministry's intelligence service.

Dan Nica is the third Interior Minister this year, with his previous incumbents resigning following disputes between ruling coalition parties over the head of the country's intelligence agency.

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