Thursday, March 5, 2009

Health care in Romania-readers' comments

It seems that the health care situation in Romania has elicited quite a few comments from our readers. Below we post a couple of relevant comments:

Lamer said...

Bribery in State hospitals and clinics is widespread. I left Romania in 1993 and have since worked outside its borders. Last summer my mother had to stay in the CFR 2 hospital in Bucharest for over a month and I visited her daily. I was horrified by the bribery system that seems to have worsened in the past years. I could not believe that in 2008, in a EU country, we had to tip everyone, including the cleaner for every single little activity that was part of their job. Hospital employees would not change the bedsheets in between patients, the nurses would scream and call patients names if the latter did not have money to bribe them for a smile. How much can one bribe when staying in the hospital for a month? We had money but there were loads of poor women who have been sent to this hospital from far away villages and had nobody coming to visit and pay the bribes for them. The state of the restrooms was appaling. No facilities for wheelchairs in the orthopedic unit, doors were faling apart -- it wasn't so much lack of money as it was lack of organization and lack of ethics. I wondered where are the journalists, why nobody complains -- but patients were either too weak, too used to being humiliated or too scared to voice such concerns.

February 18, 2009 9:02 AM

Blogger bludove said...

I read the comments and smile, the corruption is widespread. It is not confined only to Doctors but throughout all levels of staff.
We have a family friend who has just been involved in a motor accident, he was transferred from Alexandria to the Neuro hospital in Bucharest, he requested this to be done as he realised his injuries were extensive. He was told he would have to pay approximately £25 GBP even though the transfer was required as the hospital he was admitted to but did not have the facilities to care for him. We complain about why at we have in the UK from the NHS. But his treatment during the 24hours after the accident beggars belief, he was not given a intravenous drip, no pain killers (he has multiple fractures both arms and one leg) in short he was a commodity, HOW MUCH MONEY CAN WE EXTRACT. His treatment has not been a whole lot better since his move to Bucharest. When they realised he was poor they were going to send him back to Alexandria, my mother-in-law pleaded for him to remain there. He has not had surgery on his fractured leg or arms they have said he requires. He cannot move any of his limbs and has had a scan to ascertain his spinal injuries, fractured vertebrae and twisted spine but would you credit it still no pain killers or intravenous drip. My mother-in-law was told what she needed to buy bed pads pampers. The first bed he was put in had not been cleaned after the previous patient a request for a clean bed was met with a demand at a for £5GBP. My Mother -in-law has been told to have the surgery he needs, 4 operations, each will be charged by the Doctor at £200 GBP each all the medication has to be paid direct to the medical staff. The majority of the people have a problem affording to buy food, so how can they afford to pay BRIBES, I cannot believe that health
“so called Professionals“ can hold seriously ill people to ransom. Give Romania a year to get its house in order or expel them from the EUROPEAN COMMUNITY

January 8, 2009 5:48 AM


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Peter Fogarty said...

Where other than in Romania would you find a nurse willing to PAY €6000 to be employed by a hospital as she had heard that she could easily make that money back in bribes in no time?