Thursday, February 12, 2009

EU Commission to release interim reports on Bulgarian and Romanian progress

12 February 2009 | 07:41 | FOCUS News Agency Sofia.

It is expected the European Commission to announce the interim reports on the progress that Bulgaria and Romania have achieved.

According to Financial Times German edition, the reports indicates that two years after the EU accession of Bulgaria and Romania, the two states can’t cope with corruption and organized crime. Romania had even made a step backward in the fight against crime and corruption in the last months.

Brussels continue calling our state for more transparent distribution of tasks and priorities, from one side to the Ministry of Interior and from the other side to the State Agency National Security (SANS). It also requires specification of parameters of the parliamentary control as well as straightening control over SANS. The EU Commission has also insists for more serious reform in crimes investigation process, i.e. pre-court phase. The EU Commission has also ascertained the shortage of adequate acts for political parties’ funding, as well as adequate measures for deprivation of property, which has been acquired illegally.

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