Sunday, January 25, 2009

Training sweetens beekeeping in Romania’s Argetoia commune

Source: World Vision Middle East/Eastern Europe office (MEERO)

Beekeeping in Argetoia commune in Romania's Dolj County is an age-old tradition but new European legislation means honey doesn't just have to be sweet to be sold– it now has to be regulated – a fact learnt recently by 20 residents during World Vision beekeeping training.

A total of 360 hours of theoretical and practical training provided participants with the official beekeepers certificate, recognised by the Romanian government, needed to make the honey to EU standards in order to be sold.

'The people in Argetoaia commune asked for the beekeeping training as they practice beekeeping at a small level or they want to start practicing it. This is the first step World Vision Romania is taking in informing and assisting beekeepers to initiate income-generating activities and set up an association of beekeepers', said Mihaela Patru, World Vision project coordinator.

World Vision will also organise training on Management-Marketing for beekeepers who want to develop a business and identify beekeeping associations with good results and organise meetings between their representatives and World Vision beneficiaries to share positive practices.

'Now we will be able to set up an association of beekeepers and when this business will grow, we will be able to offer our families a better life and a more future secure for our children. We also need to help the families with material difficulties just as we were supported by World Vision', said Savu Balteanu, who participated in the training.

Training participants will also receive some of the materials they need to start beekeeping.

The training covered communication at work, team work, applying sanitary-veterinary norms, drafting an income and expenses plan and other practical aspects of quality beekeeping at European standards.

Viorel Pomoagă, teacher at Argetoaia School and a beneficiary of the training said,'All the participants now have essential knowledge about beekeeping and the trainer presented us with the latest technology in the beekeeping field – the rotating bee house'.

Now Argetoia beekeepers can combine decades of beekeeping knowledge with cutting-edge technologies and practices to derive the very best out of their honey to make the future that much sweeter for their children.

Background information

World Vision Romania's Agricultural Development Program has successfully implemented agricultural business models for small producers in Dolj, Iasi, Cluj, Valcea and Constanta. In Dolj, World Vision has offered training and supplied materials for greenhouse vegetable growing, breeding chickens for meet, breeding laying hens and raising sheep.

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