Saturday, January 3, 2009

Russian gas exports to Romania fall by 30-40 pct

BUCHAEST, Jan 2 (Reuters) - Russian natural gas supplies to Romania suddenly fell by 30-40 percent on Friday as a result of the Russia-Ukraine gas row, the head of Romania's state-controlled pipeline operator Transgaz said.

"Gas inflows from import fell by 30 to 40 percent ... This is because of Ukraine's dispute with Russia," Transgaz director Ioan Rusu told Reuters by telephone.

Rusu said a usual daily volume of around 10 million cubic metres was reduced by around 3 million from Friday evening.

The official said Romania was prepared for a fall in pressure as it has some 3 billion cubic metres of gas stored in underground deposits. The country would be able to draw up to 25 million cubic metres per day from the deposits.

Romania produces around 65 percent of its annual domestic consumption from local fields and imports around one third from Russia

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