Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Romania: The Promahonas border crossing point is closed

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that today January 20, 2009, the border crossing point Promahonas at the Greek-Bulgarian border was closed, as a result of the protest movements started by the Greek agriculturists.

It is possible that the protest to last several days, reason for which MFA recommends to the persons who travel in Greece to avoid this border crossing point.

For the Romanian citizens that are in Greece, the return to Romania may be made through the Republic of Macedonia, through the Evzoni border crossing point, which is open for the moment. The bypass is around 300 km longer than the initial road.

Similar protest movements were recorded in the region Tesalia, which led to the blocking of the Athens-Salonique highway and of the roads in Kavala, Xanti (Northern Greece), Livadeia (Central Greece) and Hania (Crete).

In this moment, around 20 Romanian citizens travelling in a bus that took the Greece-Romania route are expected at the General Consulate of Romanian to Salonic in order to issue the travel documents necessary for coming back into the country through the Republic of Macedonia. These documents are necessary taking into account that the persons concerned are travelling only with identity cards and for crossing the countries outside the European Union it is compulsory for them to have the passport or the travel document.

The General Consulate of Romanian to Salonic is in contact with the local authorities and with the transportation companies, in order to insure the necessary support, if needed.

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