Thursday, January 29, 2009

Movie About Illegal Abortions in Romania Wins BBC World Cinema Award

London, England ( -- A Romanian abortion film that previously won the top award at the Cannes Film Festival has been named as the winner of the BBC4 World Cinema award. The movie "4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days," which offers a look at illegal abortions, collected another prize at BBC4's annual ceremony on Tuesday night.

The movie examines the illegal abortions that were done in communist-era Romania when abortions were prohibited -- a topic frequently used as propaganda by abortion advocates to argue for legal abortions.

Featuring Anamaria Marinca, it focuses on the "horrors" a student endures to help her friend have an abortion. It's named after the age of the baby killed in the illegal abortion.

"Thank you very much for this award, it honors me greatly," director Cristian Mungiu said after receiving it.

"[The] BBC is for me a symbol of quality, professionalism, tradition and equilibrium, therefore, I can not think of a better recommendation for those who haven't yet seen 4 Months 3 Weeks, 2 Days, to go and watch it, than a BBC award,” he added.

Actors John Hurt and Adrian Lester, director Asif Kapadia and London film festival director Sandra Hebron served on the BBC judging panel this year.

The director spent very little on the low-budget film and almost didn't have enough money to make it.

In an apparent attempt to make the movie less polemic Mungiu does include a shocking image of the aborted baby and a graphic description from the abortion practitioner of the abortion procedure involved.

One review of the movie said it also focused on the abortion practitioner's "chilling exploitation of the women's dilemma."

"Because of the pressure of the regime, women and families were so much concerned about not being caught for making an illegal abortion that they didn't give one minute of thought about the moral issue," Mungiu told reporters about his film after winning at Cannes.

"It was either you or them getting you for what you did."

He said he put the image of the dead baby after the abortion on the screen to making a point -- "people should be aware of the consequences of their decisions."

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Anonymous said...

It certainly shows the lengths a woman will go to in order to obtain an abortion, legal or not. Anyone who can genuinely call themselves "pro-life" must consider the implications of needlessly, self-righteously endangering the hundreds of thousands of women each year in America alone who must seek abortions. Criminalizing abortion, as this film shockingly and faithfully presents, does nothing to stop them, a fact confirmed by the nonpartisan World Health Organization and Alan Guttmacher Institute for Reproductive Health:

The horrors of illegal abortion are very real, and doing away with legal abortion will not only fail to reduce them, but will elevate the number of dangerous, illegal abortions. How can anyone justifiably demand that?