Monday, December 1, 2008

Romania’s Elections Extended to Moldova

Romanians voted November 30 in a parliamentary election , which outcome will hardly affect political situation in the country, the tough battle notwithstanding. Under the constitution, Romania’s president may appoint the PM irrespective of election results. At the same time, the recent election campaign has further aggravated already the troubled relations of Romania and Moldova.

The main battle for the MP seats was between the opposition social democratic party of President Traian Basescu and ruling national-liberals of Premier Calin Popescu Tariceanu. On the eve of election, the PM urged the nation to make a choice that would be pivotal in time when Romania struggles with the fallout of global financial collapse.

Despite the dramatic nature of no precedent, the turnout was expected very low, somewhat around 25 percent. The analysts say Romanians trust none of political parties of the country. Preliminary results will be announced today and no party is forecasted to win the majority. Anyway, the outcome notwithstanding, it will be the president that will choose the PM.

Against its own will, ex-Soviet Moldova has turned into the battlefield of Romania’s policymakers, as lots of Moldova’s residents have Romania’s passports. Jealous of big brother’s attempts to encroach upon sovereignty of Moldova, the foreign ministry of the latter lashed out at Romania for electioneering on its soil without any consent of authorities. In Bucharest, they ignored the statement. Under the regulation of 2008, four members of parliament’s lower house and two senators are to be elected by the Romanians residing outside the country.

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