Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Romania's top carmaker to temporarily halt production

BUCHAREST, Nov. 10 (Xinhua) -- Romania's top carmaker Dacia will halt production between Nov. 20-Dec. 7, because of the "brutal slump of car markets," said the company on Monday in a release.

Dacia is forced to halt production in the aforementioned period, following the decline of international and local auto markets, the company said, specifying that the Completely Knocked Down (CKD) production will continue.

The deepening of the financial and economic crisis in October resulted in a major setback of auto markets, Romania included. Thus, in October 2008 the local car market fell 30 percent in comparison with October 2007; the shrinkage was 40 percent in Spain; 23 percent in Great Britain; 22.7 percent in Sweden; 18.9 percent in Italy; 8 percent in Germany; 6.2 percent in France; and the downward trend will probably go on in the next months.

In January 2008, the carmaker has reached a pace of 1,300 vehicles per day, a maximum level for the history of the plant.

The plant produced 224,043 cars in the first ten months of the year, more than the entire 2007 production, which was of 222,914 units. According to the previous plan, Dacia would have a total production of 310,000 units for this year.

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