Monday, November 3, 2008

Romania, Bulgaria protest against alleged truck drivers abuse in Hungary

The Sofia Echo
Nov 2008 - Spasena Baramova

Romania and Bulgaria have lodged a complaint with the European Commission, accusing Hungarian authorities of abusing of Romanian and Bulgarian truck drivers passing through Hungary, Romania's transport minister Ludovic Orban said on November 2, as quoted by Romanian daily Cotidianul.

Orban said that he and his Bulgarian counterpart, Petar Moutafchiev, had sent a letter to the EC notifying it of illegal pracices. Recently, Romanian truck drivers have complained of being chased by the Hungarian traffic authorities to be fined, the fines reaching up to 3000 euro, and have accused them of discrimination, saying their Hungarian counterparts got away with minimal penalties for the same infractions, the daily said.

“Over the last discussions we had with them [the Hungarians] I told them: if you don't change your attitude towards the Romanian drivers, all Hungarian drivers will be subject to the same principle 'eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth',” Orban said, as quoted by Cotidianul.

He also said that there seemed to be an “order” on the Hungarian part to fine Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish drivers.

The latest protest by Romanian truck drivers took place at the end of October at the Nădlac border point between Romania and Hungary, following the fining of yet another Romanian driver, the daily reported.

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