Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama's Victory Welcomed in Romania

05 November 2008
Bucharest _ Politicians, newspapers and indeed Romania’s stock market have reacted positively to Barack Obama’s victory in the United States Presidential election.

Some Romanians have commented that the victory of an African-American man in this landmark election, unthinkable as recently as forty years ago could inspire tackling the problem of racism in Romania.

"The black guy is a good choice, he has so much more energy than the other one, who was far too old," said George Teliu, a man in his 40s who runs a small business in the Romanian capital Bucharest.

Many Romanians have been energised by Obama’s political campaign and hope he will bring new impetus to alleviating the global financial crisis, which has been eating away at Romania’s remarkable growth in recent years.

"Politics usually gives me a headache," said taxi driver Ion Rosescu with a grin.

"But I really believe it's better to have a young person with the energy to handle all the problems the world is facing, especially the financial crisis."

The excitement was also clear to see in Romania’s dailies.

The daily Cotidianul, termed Obama's win as "historic" and also borrowed a line from his speech headlining its article “President Obama: I've changed the history of the US.”

The Adevarul and Romania libera dailies described the Democratic candidate’s win as ‘a new dawn’ focusing on the idea that “change has come to America” and that "a new America has a new president."

The business papers Ziarul Financiar and Business Standard noted that the local stock exchange BVB "has had a minor reaction to the elections in the US" with the BVB share index rising around 2 percent early on Wednesday.

"As the US has now a new president, it is time for America to return to focusing on the slowdown in the global economy and to try to find solutions to it," one local investor was quoted as saying.

Romanian President Traian Basescu and Prime Minister Calin Popescu Tariceanu both sent congratulation messages to Obama, noting the confidence of the American people in him and hoping that US-Romania alliance will strengthen further.

“We are confident that Romania and the US will better cooperate and work towards resolving main bilateral and regional issues," Tariceanu said in his message.

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