Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Romania Continues to Grow Renewable Energy Source

Romania have invested further in their ability to create renewable energy by implementing over twenty five vibration monitoring systems for their hydro turbine plant. The monitoring systems will minimise downtime allowing maximum use of the plant to generate renewable energy. It will work by assessing the ‘health’ of the rotating parts of the plant therefore planning proactive maintenance.

Sensonics, the specialists in turbine supervisory systems and equipment, were responsible for completing the project and is part of an extensive instrumentation upgrade for the Romanian client Hidroelectric SA and is in partnership with SC TN GRUP EXIM SRL. The systems have been supplied as part of a rolling programme over the past two years, with the TN GRUP completing all installation and commissioning activities.

The Sensonics Sentry range of equipment has been utilised in all applications providing measurements of absolute bearing vibration and shaft eccentricity in combination with speed and rotor to stator air gap at selected locations. A phase reference module is included in each system for the generation of a once per revolution timing pulse to enable detailed dynamic and balancing analysis of the plant. Sensonics have provided all installed hardware, including junction boxes, plant cabling, Modbus communication modules and required set up and configuration software.

Sensonics established PZS range of shear mode accelerometers have been fitted to all bearing measurement locations and provide exactly the right performance for this type of application, with a frequency measurement response down to 0.4Hz in combination with low overall integrated noise. This is essential for Hidroelectrica’s turbines where generating running speed can be as low as 130RPM.

This transducer, in combination with the Sentry protection modules, provides operators with the capability to measure peak vibration displacement levels below tens of micro metres at the rotational speed. Moreover, the new systems provide valuable turbine vibration measurements for the plant engineers to assess the balance of the various parts of the turbine / generator and plan maintenance accordingly.

Sensonics specialise in vibration transducers for low speed applications and can provide 500mV/g and above accelerometer sensitivities, particularly suitable for hydro turbine applications.

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