Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Number of Foreign Tourists to Romania Grew to Reach 6 Million This Summer

1 October 2008 | Around 6 million foreigners chose Romania as a tourist destination this summer, which marked a 22.2 per cent increase compared to last year, national media reported today.

The numbers, provided by the National Statistical Instituted and quoted by the Evenimentul Zilei newspaper today, showed that the large majority (94.9 per cent) of foreign tourists to Romania came from the European countries and more than half of them (62.5 per cent) – were citizens of EU member states.

Most numerous in the latter group were tourists from Hungary (34 per cent), followed by Bulgaria (19.7 per cent), Germany (9.5 per cent), Italy (7.6 per cent) and Poland, the publication noted.

As the number of foreigners who spend their holidays in Romania increases, so does the number of Romanians who head abroad for their vacation. As reported in August, 25 per cent more Romanian tourists went abroad this year compared with 2007, with Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey being among their most favourite holiday destinations.

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