Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Minister Fired in Romania Teacher Pay Row


07 October 2008
Bucharest _ Romania’s Premier Calin Popescu Tariceanu has dismissed Education Minister Cristian Adomnitei and replaced him with Anton Anton, the former chief of the government’s National Authority for Science and Research.

"Cristian Domnitei has been dismissed because of his support in Parliament for a 50 percent increase in teachers' wages. My decision is also a warning for other officials and lawmakers from the ruling Liberal Party who have supported the decision," government spokeswoman Camelia Spataru said quoting Tariceanu’s words at a press conference.

On September 30, Parliament unanimously approved a 50 percent rise in teachers’ salaries, saying the country's good economic performance allows for the move.

But now the government is to go to constitutional court over the parliament's decision.

According to media reports, former minister Adomnitei is also blamed for the bad management of the education system and for the poor organisation of last summer’s high school exams.

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