Friday, October 10, 2008

Council to investigate mystery Romania bin find

FINGAL County Council was left baffled this week when a Northside man revealed that some of its wheelie bins ended up in a small town in Romania.

Aidan Pedreschi, from Bayside, who is currently on a charity cycle around the world, discovered a number of bins marked with the council’s logo in the town of Lovrin over 2,000 kilometres from Fingal.

Mr Pedreschi made reference to the discovery in his online travel diary where he explained how, upon leaving his hotel in the obscure Romanian town, he was left completely stunned by the presence of the bins.

“We set off from the hotel just before 9am and on the way out I noticed that all the wheelie bins were branded with Fingal County Council’s name on them,” he wrote.

“Fingal is my local council back in Dublin - what were these bins doing here? I've no idea.”
“It was very weird, though, as every wheelie bin in the town was from my hometown.”
At least three Fingal County Council wheelie bins were spotted outside the small hotel in Lovrin.
When contacted by Northside People, Fingal County Council said it had no explanation as to how the bins ended up in such a distant location.

A spokeswoman for the local authority said it did not sell on old bins and had no contract with any other countries to supply them.

“Fingal County Council can confirm that there are no circumstances where we have sold on or exported bins to Romania or any other country,” she said.

“We will be investigating this fully to try to establish how these bins came to be used here and would welcome any additional information which helps us in our investigation.”

Mr Pedreschi is currently completing a round the world charity cycle to raise money for and Child Action Nepal, who offer shelter, education and a family environment for orphaned children.

If you would like to keep up with his travels and see more pictures of his progress, visit

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