Thursday, August 7, 2008

Romania’s Black Sea Resort Mamaia Makes 300 Million Euro per Tourist Season

7 August 2008 | The income of the most popular Black Sea resort in Romania, Mamaia, reaches 300 million euro per tourist season, national media reported today.

The revenue only from tourists who buy tickets through tourist agencies amounts to 250 million euro, the Ziarul Financiar newspaper reported. Weekend visitors to the resort contribute an additional income.

Out of the total 1.4 million Romanians who chose to visit Romania’s Black Sea coast this year, data by the National Statistical Institute, NSI, showed that 35 per cent, or around 500,000 people, picked the Mamaia resort.

Mamaia, located on Romania’s southern Black Sea coast, immediately north-east of the city of Constanţa, is the country’s biggest resort. It houses most of the five-star hotels and the most famous clubs along its seashore.

Spending five to six nights in one of Mamaia’s three to four-star hotels costs between 250 and 300 euro per person, the NSI data showed, and on average tourists spend between 400 and 500 euro each for the same period spent in the resort.

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