Saturday, August 9, 2008

Romania: Meeting of the State Secretary, Anton Niculescu, with a delegation of the House of Representatives from the United States Congress

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs State Secretary for bilateral affairs, Anton Niculescu had a meeting on August 4th, 2008 with a delegation of the House of Representatives from the United States Congress.

On this occasion, there were approached aspects related to the bilateral cooperation between Romania and the United States, in various fields, being stressed the security issue. The American Congressmen emphasized on the special level of the relations between the two states, at the same time they thanked Romania for its significant contribution to the fight against terrorism, by taking part in the theaters of operation in Afghanistan and Iraq. The State Secretary, Anton Niculescu expressed, on his turn, the appreciation Romania has for the decisive support granted by the U.S. to our country in the process of Euro-Atlantic integration.

During the meeting there was reviewed the Romanian way of approach and regional perspectives, particularly with respect to the extended area of the Black Sea. Thus it was once again brought to attention the support Romania grants for the European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations to the Western Balkans states, Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, being asked also the support of the U.S. for the implementation of various projects initiated by Romania in the Black Sea region, including those related to the energy field.

The Romanian MFA State Secretary requested also the support of the American Congressmen for visa waiver for the Romanian citizens that travel in the U.S., as well as sending a message of encouragement to the American businessmen that wish to invest in Romania.

Joe Wilson – member of the Republican Party, representative of the South Carolina, Loretta Sanchez – member of the Democratic Party, representative of California, and Madeleine Bordallo – member of the Democratic Party, delegate of Territory of Guam, are in our country for assessing, on the spot, the concept of resizing and reallocation of the American armed forces in Europe. The three Congressmen are also members of the House of Representatives Committee on Armed Services.

The visit in Romania included a meeting with the Ministry of Defense and a trip to the military base at Mihail Kogalniceanu.

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