Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Foreign Tourists Return to Romania

1 July 2008 | Foreign tourists, mainly from the European Union, are showing a renewed interest in traveling to Romania, national media reported today.

The increased number of tourists who decide to head to Romania’s seaside and mountain resorts, according to the Evenimentul Zilei newspaper, comes after long years of avoiding the country.

According to data by the National Statistical Institute, an increase of 35 per cent in the number of foreign tourists can be observed. From the total number of tourists, 62.5 per cent come from the European Union, of which 35.9 are Hungarians, 22.1 are Bulgarians, 9.1 are Germans and 8.1 are Italians.

In the last month, according to the publication, 616,300 tourits have visited the country, which is a 5.7 per cent increased compared with May of 2007.

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