Sunday, July 27, 2008

AP: Romania to Allow Girls Under Age 15 to Have Abortions Up to 24 Weeks

BUCHAREST, Romania — Romania's health ministry says it has proposed a law allowing under-15s to have an abortion at up to 24 weeks.

Current legislation does not allow for abortions beyond 14 weeks, except to save a woman's life and in the case of extraordinary circumstances. The circumstances are not specified in the law. The proposal comes after the highly publicized case of an 11-year-old rape and incest victim.

A government panel ruled she could have an abortion at 21 weeks as an exceptional case. However, there were protests from religious groups. She had the termination in Britain earlier this month. Romania's health ministry proposed the draft law earlier this week, and announced it Thursday. It is expected to be enacted on Aug. 21. In the meantime, public and medical debate will contribute to its final wording.

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