Thursday, June 5, 2008

Romania Opposition Parties Near Alliance

04 June 2008
Bucharest _ Representatives from Romania’s Social Democratic Party and the Conservative Party have started talks on an alliance for autumn’s general election.

The alliance will probably be registered at a court on Friday, the leaders of the parties decided as they met on Wednesday.

They will meet again at the end of the month to discuss the electoral programme and to define the leading structure of the alliance, the Conservative Party’s President Daniela Popa said.

The two parties will also support each other’s candidates for the second round of local elections in June 15.

The first decision for cooperation between the two parties was taken in April. Read more:

The leader of the Social Democrats, Mircea Geoana, added that his party would field almost 900 candidates, while 90 would come from the Conservative Party.

Geoana pointed out that if the results of the two parties in the local elections were added up, the alliance would have won the polls.

So the alliance has real chances to win the parliamentary elections this autumn, Geoana claimed.

The Social Democrats got 28.22 percent of the votes to the county councils at the local elections that took place on Sunday, while the Conservatives did not exceed 4 percent.

The ruling Democratic Liberal Party, the Social Democrats’ opponent, received 28.38 percent of votes.

The Social Democrats are said to be interested in this alliance because the Conservative Party controls two of the most important television stations in Romania, Antena 1 and Antena 3.

This is the second time the two parties have cooperated for legislative elections.

In 2004, the Social Democrats and the Humanist Party (the former name for the Conservative Party) formed an alliance to win the Presidency of the country and the majority in the Parliament.

In December 2004, after loosing the Presidential elections, the Conservatives deserted the Social Democrats and joined the victorious Liberal National Party - Democratic Party Alliance and the Union of Hungarians in Romania, forming the new Government.

After two years, the Conservatives stepped out of the Executive.

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