Friday, June 6, 2008

AP:Ex-king of Romania returns to family palace after 60 years

BUCHAREST, Romania - Romania's former king is returning to his family's mountain palace after 60 years.

Michael I, who is 86, says his return to Peles Castle — a 160-room palace in the Carpathian Mountains — rights a historic wrong. A few hundred people gathered Thursday to welcome him.

Michael was born on the estate and spent most of his childhood there. The palace was confiscated when the Communist regime forced him to abdicate in 1947.

Communism fell in 1989. In 2007 the government decided to return the estate to the former king. Michael says his family will maintain the main palace as a museum while living in a smaller palace on the estate.

Peles Castle was built in the resort of Sinaia in the late 19th century by Romania's first German-born king, Carol I

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