Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Study: Companies can't find enough skilled workers in Romania

By Drew Wilson
Courtesy of EE Times Europe

BERLIN — Romania's labor shortage was highlighted in a 32-country study by human resources firm Manpower, which found 73 percent of companies in Romania were unable to find skilled personnel for open positions. The areas hardest hit are Bucharest and Western Romania, which includes Timisoara and Arad, said Eliza Nechifor, spokeswoman for Manpower Romania in Bucharest. She estimates unemployment is about 1 percent in these regions.

Cluj Napoca, a university city that has become a software development hub and is home to a new Nokia factory, has about 3 percent unemployment, she said. Manpower believes the shortage results from a decade-long migration of skilled personnel to higher paying jobs in Europe. In addition, wages in the country have soared. In 2007, the average wage across all industries rose 25 percent, Nechifor said.

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