Saturday, May 3, 2008

More Tourists Lured to Romania’s Beaches

01 May 2008
Romania’s Tourism Minister says the country’s beaches will see the biggest influx of holidaymakers in nearly two decades.

Ovidiu Silaghi said he expected the number of tourists along Romania’s beaches to be 15% higher than last year.

Summer 2007 was already a record-breaking bumper season for Romanian seasides with about one million visitors, 60,000 of who were foreigners.

The rising number of visitors was due to the increasing quality of services and facilities, Silaghi said during the official opening of the new season.

He added that this year, Romania will actively promote its resorts in Eastern European countries such as Serbia and Moldova.

The number of tourists from these countries has significantly declined as visas were required for entry after Romania joined the European Union.

The Minister also argued that Bulgarian and Romanian coasts should not be compared as the two countries offer different kinds of services.

A 60 kilometre coastline in Romania cannot compete with Bulgaria’s 450 kilometres of beaches, Silaghi pointed out.

Meanwhile Zanfir Iorgus, the mayor of the seaside town of Mangalia, said Romania and Bulgaria will cooperate in some recreational projects for entertaining tourists along the Black Sea, such as a cruise route between Romanian town of Eforie and Bulgaria’s Balcic, or a light railway to link these resorts.

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