Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Strikes at Renault’s Romania Plant


05 May 2008
Bucharest _ 230 employees from the cable firm, Leoni at French carmaker Renault’s Dacia Plant in Romania have gone on strike.

They are demanding a salary hike of Lei 340 (€ 97) a month although employers are only offering a Lei 210 (€ 60) pay rise.

Leoni Cable Firm was outsourced from the car maker, Dacia Pitesti in 2001 and has now 270 employees.

Another 130 workers from car parts maker, Cortubi, announced they would join the strike on Tuesday, also asking for higher wages.

These small firms are not part of the Renault Group, which recently bought Dacia car factory but the protesters are members of the Dacia Automobile Union, which started a three week strike at the end of March. Read more: http://balkaninsight.com/en/main/news/9343

Dacia sold more than 230,000 cars last year in Romania and abroad, a record, as Renault continues to invest about 200 million euros a year in the plant.

Dacia wants to produce 330,000 Logan vehicles in 2008. The plant in Pitesti provides about 10% of Renault car production.

Western car makers, including United States giant Ford, have been attracted to the new European Union member by its cheap labour and low taxes. However, mounting wage pressure is seen as a risk to the emerging country's economic stability.

Average net wages in Romania jumped 30.7 % year on year to Lei 1,200 (€ 342) in nominal terms in January, boosted mainly by bonuses in the health and education sectors.

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