Friday, April 18, 2008

Romania to Brand its Eco Products Internationally

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17 April 2008 | The creation of a national agency for traditional and ecological Romanian products was recently approved by the Romanian government.

The agency, which is supposed to begin work within the next two months, will assist Romanian manufacturers with the registration and advertisement of ecological Romanian products, so that their names are protected on the European market, the newspaper Gandul reported.

The new agency will be entirely financed by state funds, Gandul added, and it will be based in the Bra┼čov County, in the central Romanian Transylvania region.

As the Radio Romania International reported several months ago, ecological products are gaining popularity in Romania and they are readily available in supermarkets and clearly marked as such. More and more people are now willing to pay higher prices for organic and ecological foodstuffs.

Despite the rising interest, however, most ecological products produced in Romania are sold outside the country. The same media quoted Traian Dobre, an ecological-honey producer from Ploiesti, in southern Romania, who sells only one ton of his product on the Romanian market and exports some 150 tons of it to West European countries every year.

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