Thursday, April 17, 2008

Romania hopes to clear up "lack of confidence" in relations with Russia

BUCHAREST, April 16 (Xinhua) -- Romanian President Traian Basescu on Wednesday voiced hope that the confidence level of the dialogue between Romania and Russia would go on increasing.

"We are aware of the regional importance of the Russian Federation, but also of the region's and our needs of security ...If Romania were in a region in which the security of the states diminished, the Romanians would be fundamentally affected," Traian Basescu told the debate on "Romania's Security after the NATO Summit."

He added that the North Atlantic Alliance member states must have a joint stand on the relation with Russia.

"We are not going to be very successful in the relation with Russia if we transfer every state's bilateral relations with Russia to NATO," said Basescu, who emphasized the fact that, to the NATO states, the partnership with Russia was a fundamental element that cannot be neglected.

But Basescu made it clear that in the relation with Russia there were relatively different approaches although the Alliance member states started from the reality that the relation with Russia was fundamental for the global security.

"In NATO there are different approaches based on the bilateral relation of every state with Russia. Romania's point of view is that the NATO states must have a joint stand," said Basescu. According to him the former socialist states that recently joined NATO are reticent in the relation with Moscow.

In his opinion this reticence comes from the realities of the last century, realities that can materialize in the phrase "lack of confidence," said Basescu.

"It is necessary for both sides to leave behind this complex of the past and both we and the others must believe in good faith," added Basescu.

He stressed the fact that, in its relation with Russia, NATO must have a unitary attitude and Russia must understand that NATO was no enemy at all.

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