Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bulgaria, Romania to demand EU sprat draught quota removed

SOFIA, April 21 (Xinhua) -- Bulgaria and Romania are to demand the removal of the quota of sprat draught in the Black Sea, imposed by the European Union, local press reported Monday.

The decision was made at a Monday meeting between Bulgarian Agriculture and Food Supply Minister Nihat Kabil and his Romanian counterpart Dacian Ciolos, who is paying a two-day visit here.

The reason for the demand is that the states could not gain even a half of the compulsory fish quantity.

The 100-ton quota of turbot draught should be also increased, the officials said.

Bulgaria's Minister Kabil emphasized the bloc stipulated that the net for turbot draught should be wider so that little fish could not stuck into them.

Kabil said that he will rely on a statement of the two countries' research institutes working on the valuation of the fish stocks while raising the matter before the EC.

Kabil and Ciolos also discussed the opportunity to establish a joint working group to draw a program for the priorities of the two countries in the Common Agricultural Policy of the EU.

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