Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bulgaria, Romania strike deal on agriculture policy

Bulgarian and Romanian agriculture ministers agreed to work together closer in the implementation of the common European agriculture policy in the two European Union member states, Focus news agency reported on April 21.

Bulgaria's Agriculture and Food Supply Minister Nihat Kabil met with Romanian minister of agriculture and rural development Dacian Ciolos in Sofia. Kabil said after the meeting that the two countries should protect their interest in finding solutions to local problems.

Both countries also share common visions on the European fisheries policy, with the two ministers agreeing that the sprat fishing quotas for both countries in common Black Sea waters should be abolished, as it cannot be reached. At the same time, the flounder fishing quotas should be doubled, as it is currently only 100 tons a year (50 tons for each country).

A group of representatives from Romania and Bulgaria will be working together to sharpen priorities the two countries in the field common EU agriculture policy, the ministers agreed

Ciolos said Romania also had problems in adopting the European agriculture funds and some breaches of EU rules were discovered in 2004/2005, when Romania had to give back tens millions euro to the EU.

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